Human nature shows us that people are always searching for answers to questions like...why, what or how?  Life is complicated and answers don't come easily to us, if at all.  How can I make him understand...or why is this happening to me? We may never know.  Lacking the answers or understanding to complex issues causes discomfort.  This discomfort can present itself as anger, frustration, unhappiness and/or fear.  Misunderstood or misplaced emotions can get us into trouble in our relationships with others, create feelings of mistrust/unsafety in our environment, cause symptoms of physical pain, and the loss of confidence in our own abilities.  People need clarity especially during the difficult and challenging times in our lives where there may be no explanation as to "why me or why now?"  Healing happens when people re-tell their stories to someone who is listening and eliciting details most times forgotten by the storyteller. These details are valuable in the reliving and reconstruction of one's own story.  Healing begins when the storyteller begins to realize and understand what made me feel this way, when it happened and how  it began.

Gain Insight, Resolve Conflict & Reconnect.

Your relationship with the counselor is a very important aspect in your healing process. It is the goal of the counselor to provide an environment which is safe, reliable, and open to the exploration of your inner thoughts and feelings. It is challenging for both the therapist and client to bring to surface the issues which need to be faced for healing to take place. Talking about issues can be painful, but with a supportive and objective partner listening actively, the search for the answers you need will come to light. Your experience in therapy will open your world to new opportunities which will change the way you feel about yourself and others, hence helping you achieve the connection to the world you want to live in. 

Embrace Your Life

Individual/Couple/Family Counseling


Margarita Gershik-Gleyzer, LCSW, MA